Features Of A Great Gun Safe

1. Relockers

Also important to overall security are relockers. Relockers are a secondary locking mechanism which trigger during any attempted break in locking the safe down against opening.

Note that if there is an attempted break in on your safe and the re-lockers are fired you will be unable to open it using the normal method. Contact the manufacturer or a locksmith to find out how to open your safe.

2. Fireproofing

Fireproofing refers to the ability of the safe to protect the contents inside in the event of an exterior fire.

Some people assume when they look at a safe that it’s so solid and heavy that anything inside must be protected against fire. This isn’t true, in the event of a fire the exterior of the safe will heat up gradually heating the interior to the point where the contents are damaged or destroyed.

A house fire can reach 1200 degrees or even more. That’s four times hotter than your average oven. And if the fire goes for, say, an hour, the safe needs to protect the contents against that those types of temperature for the entire time. And longer in fact as a steel safe will stay hot for a long time after a fire has gone out.

It’s said by some that no safe is fully fireproof. That there are only degrees of fireproofing to protect the contents against certain temperatures for a certain length of time. To some extent that’s probably true.

Fireproof safes are rated according to temperature and time, in other words how long the contents will last at what temperature fire. So for example a safe could be rated at a half an hour at 1200 degrees.

It’s very difficult to know how accurate fire ratings are. Many house fires reach temperatures higher than 1200 degrees and go for longer than half an hour. As well as that there is no standardised method of testing, or rating, the fireproof quality of a safe.

3. Other considerations

One thing always worth considering is the law. Because different states have different legislation it’s impossible to state exactly what legislation applies to you, because it varies from state to state. GunSafeGuide.Net reviewed best gun safe for the money here.

However it’s essential that, before you make any serious decisions, you investigate the law relating to guns and gun safes in the state in which you live.

We’ll give you an example. California. There are specific standards in the state of California that any gun safe needs to meet.